My husband and I found Bill very down to earth and easy to talk to. He explained the whole process of refinancing our home to us. He always made time to respond to our questions or concerns within a day. Even though there were a few hick ups along the way (he was not at fault) he remained professional and did everything in his power to ensure we were happy. I definitely will be recommending him to my friends and family.

Cindy and Randy Cooper

Not having used a mortgage broker previously, but nervous about buying a different type of real estate [a condo] at a distance, we chose Bill Fraser based on the many excellent references on his website. Once our offer was accepted we had relatively little time to get a mortgage in place. Bill quickly got an interested lender to approve our application, but just three days before the subject removal date they increased their demands, citing a condition that we did not agree with. Bill kept us optimistic and created an even better situation for us, negotiating a mortgage with our own banking institution. The rate was excellent, the branch close by and comprehensive insurance easily obtainable. The deal closed without a hitch, due in no small part to Bill’s experience, resources and ever positive disposition. This was the first time in our half dozen real estate transactions that we have used a mortgage broker and, based on our experience with Bill, we would not hesitate to do so again. Thanks for all your support and expertise!



Mitch and Maia

Bill is an amazing mortgage broker!  He turned what could have been a very confusing, stressful process into a seamless, informative and positive experience.   As first time home buyers with unusual circumstances, Bill’s availability and accessibility answering our many questions, to keep our minds at ease, was immeasurable.  His encouraging, honest, helpful nature mixed with his abundance of knowledge is what allows us to enjoy our immaculate view in our dream home.  Thank you Bill for being a prevalent part of our dream come true!!

Shannon and Ashley Hughes  

Shannon and Ashley Hughes

“This morning we were able to go take a picture of the sold sign at our first home! We are so thankful for Bill Fraser at Dominion Lending Centres for everything he did to make our dream of buying our first home a reality.
Bill, you have made this process so easy and enjoyable for us. You will surely be the first person we recommend to everyone we know that is looking to buy a home or renew their mortgage.
We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to make our dreams possible!”

Sam and Nick

Sam and Nick

Hi Bill:  I read thru your testimonials and all I have to say is “do those folks know I’m the one who named you the miracle man”?   I was getting a bit possessive there for a minute, ha ha! 

All I can say is that you earned every accolade through your hard work, and ingenuity.  I know you must have some edge in your expertise as well because I have not been able to get this far ahead in two decades that you’ve done in two months, and as you know my details, that was a feat and a half.  Next time I want someone to get me approved with no money down, a crippling debt ratio, and shaking confidence, I have your number…

I’ve had a dream to not only move from renting to owning but also to invest in real estate properties and hopefully make it an alternative income.  Our course taught us to surround ourselves with a professional team who are optimistic and can think out of the box.  And I hope you don’t mind as I count you as the first person I ‘met’ who I felt complete trust to have in my team – oops I guess I should ask you if you wanna be on my team 🙂

As well, one of the more important needs for me was dealing with people who have integrity – not those who think they know what that is, but those who actually possess it and practice it daily.  In that I mean, I’m ok with the times you even said “No” so your ethic and reputation remains impeccable.

I will continue to sing your praises, so look out and cancel that vacation you’re thinking of taking, oh right, you work through that too!

Cheers, Ivy


Not only did Bill get us the best rate, but his honesty and diligence with providing answers to our questions was exceptional.

Thank You Bill

Jamie and Vaughn


Very happy to hear that you were comfortable and pleased with my services….. What the best part was that even the Mother in Law at the “good old bank” couldn’t get the rate we got for you!!!!!  Now thats impressive?? lol

Bill Fraser

Jamie and Vaughn

To Bill

Hi Bill, i had to write you something to let you know how happy and excited i am that you got me approved for a bigger, more beautiful house than i already have!!!  After getting turned away/almost laughed at by RBC, it was my son Brad who told me to try the “new way” of getting financing, a broker!!  Very happy i took his advice, cause within 48hrs you notified me that it was APPROVED!!  I couldn’t be happier with your service and am further understanding why so many people are getting away from their Banks and using a much more affordable, and easier way of getting approved through the broker channel.

Thanks again, Shirley McMillan.

 Shirley, it is my pleasure to provide what the Banks insist they cant provide!!!  It has not been the first time a client has come to me right after dealing with their “trusted bank” so upset that the personal banker would not even hear their story, let alone consider financing options for them.  I actually left the bank long ago due to this reason, the banks are always offering money and services when you don’t need them, but as soon as you actually require a little bit of help, they are no where to be found??  I love my career as i have not once turned someone away with having a plan in place to accomplish there goals with a specified time on it.  I treat every one of my clients with the utmost respect and due diligence, whether they are approved now or we work with them to get them approved. 

Thank you RBC for not acknowledging this wonderful client until it was too late,  I know my lender and myself sure do appreciate her business!!!

Bill Fraser

Shirley McMillan

Hey Bill Lets keep this short and sweet. Our mortgage was up for renewal and we were in trouble and when we thought there was no way out of our bleak credit woes. You managed to saved us from certain credit debt that was going no where fast. We now have a new mortgage and no credit debit, with a new monthly budget we have already purchased our new kitchen with cash. You have saved us and we truly are forever in your debt, without your help we could have been in a dark nightmare. Thank you for giving us our dignity back! You know we will be sure to let all our family and friends know about the wonderful people at Dominion Lending Center in Nanaimo!

Kim and Darren Rogers (The R5 family – heading to the R1 stage! )


I love a challenge!!!!!  This deal definately took a little creativity to get done, but once again when i have clients that really do have alot of posotives, and maybe a couple blemeshis on their credit, but all in all if you work with me we can accomplish anything!!!!  I look forward to your referrals as i know working at Shaw you know alot of people that are looking to purchase a home or perhaps want to look at shopping there mortgage when it comes up for renewal!!!

Thanks for the kind words and i am very excited to you outta of the R5 image and make you the R1 family!! lol

The Rogers

Kim and Darren Rogers

Bill, thank you so much for refinancing my mortgage a little premature of its renewal, it was well worth paying the small penalty in comparison to continueing to pay my visa and line of credit debts the way i was….. And not to mention you got me on the BRAND NEW tractor i have been dying to have!!!!!  You have now trimmed my lawn cutting time down from over 10hrs to less than 2 hours!!!  Life Saver, or should i say “Miracle Man?” lol Thanks again, and do know i will be talking to everyone around Cedar about how you got my deal done specifically on my land value.

 Now this is what makes it all worth while!!!!  I am very happy we worked this deal out for you Carl, seeing you on that tractor grinning ear to ear is picture perfect, so had to share it with everyone!!!  Yes properties in rural areas are sometimes hard for the typical Bank to work with, but as i have over 60 lenders to work with, many are very keen on these properties and are willing to work with us on accomplishing goals.

 Happy I could help Carl, now get out and cut some more lawn!!! lol

Carl Douglas on his Brand New Tractor


Carl Douglas

To Bill Fraser – The Miracle Man!!

Bill just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for your dedication to get me into my very first home!!! I did not think with my income and the little credit I have, that you would be able to pull this deal off. I have heard you are considered the “Miracle Man” around the island and it sure seems to be true!!!! Lol

Thanks so much, and i am proud to refer you to my family and my friends all over BC!!!


Juanita LeMarquand

Thank you soooo much for the kind words Juanita.  I truly thrive on my service being very smooth, confident, and down to earth as i know it is tough to find that kind of service now aday.  I am very happy that all the ideas came together and all the right parties did there part!!!  I really look forward to your referrals and have already talked with 2 people that you have bragged about my service to… thanks again!!!

Bill Fraser

Juanita LeMarquand